Not every system requires a system. About 40% of all buildings we survey, PASS the initial site survey.
Step #2

Review the Results & Take Action

As a turn-key BDA installer we provide engineering, permitting, installation and commissioning services.

If It's A Pass
Your Survey Report can be provided to the Fire Marshall or Authority Having Jurisdiction to remain on fail until your next required inspection.
If it Fail's
We'll walk you through every step of the process to ensure your building meets the minimum safety requirements (and usually exceeds) to satisfy the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Step # 3

We design a system in coordination with your General Contractor and/or owners to find the most cost effective way to route our cables with and mount antennas. Our years in the field provides creative approaches to almost every situation we encounter. We aim to provide seamless and easy experience every step of the way.

We design using the most recognized and trusted tools, including:
Step # 4

Installation & Commissioning

We take great pride in our work to make sure that it not only works great, but that it also looks great too.

All equipment is securely mounted and commissioned in accordance with FCC regulations as well as local standards specific to the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

Experts of our Craft

We have years of experience under our belt with over 100 BDA systems installed.

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